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Partner Contract Terms

Your account as a partner to Zleeping Hotel is governed by the conditions described below.

Purpose of cooperation
Zleeping Hotels provides hotel accommodation all over the world directly to end customers via sales from the partner's website. The partner generates customers to Zleeping Hotels by means of his/her own website / blog, etc., or other forms of cooperation ventures.

The partner is responsible for marketing Zleeping Hotels via his/her own website / blog.

Zleeping Hotels deals directly with the end customer and is responsible for all administrative procedures of every booking. The sales conditions are established by Zleeping Hotels. All feedback to customers who purchase / book Zleeping Hotels products is implemented via Zleeping Hotels.

Zleeping Hotels undertakes to pay a commission on the gross price of sales derived from the partner's website.

The commission will be paid out on a monthly basis, provided that the commission amounts to a minimum of € 100 for the period. If the commission is less than this amount it will be transferred to the next period.

The commission is paid when the end customer has completed his stay and after the hotel stay has been invoiced. No commission is paid where the stay is not implemented in accordance with the booking and / or Zleeping Hotels' Reservation Terms and Conditions.

Validity period of of the account
Your account as a partner to Zleeping Hotels is valid from the date the account was registered, and until further notice. Termination of the account, unless otherwise agreed, may be made with immediate effect.

Deviating from contract terms
All forms of divergence or misuse of these terms will be penalized. Zleeping Hotels reserves the right to cancel and suspend cooperation if misused according to these terms.

The right to terminate an account
Zleeping Hotels reserves the right to cancel the account immediately if suspicion of inappropriate application is revealed. Improper application may be the use of competing company, sabotage, incriminating context, and similar actions that Zleeping Hotels deems inappropriate use from the part of the account holder. Zleeping Hotels reserves the right to terminate the cooperation and account without warning.

Approval of the agreement
By clicking the "Accept" button you accept Zleeping Hotels' terms and conditions. Your acceptance of these terms and conditions constitutes the agreement between you and Zleeping Hotels and controls your role as a partner to Zleeping Hotels.

You hereby acknowledge that you have not based your role as a partner to Zleeping Hotels on any information not expressly incorporated into these terms.

You agree that, except what is expressly granted in these terms, no third party may benefit from this agreement.

Beyond what is provided in these terms and conditions, your statutory rights remain.

These conditions can any time be changed by Zleeping Hotels without notice or further information.

Yes, I agree to the terms & conditions.

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