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About us

Just like the explorers in the history books I want to chart my own course. James Cook, Christopher Columbus and Marco Polo had – aside from the outcome of their expeditions – one thing in common: they planned their own voyages and realized their dreams. I want to have the opportunity to realize my dream, and my dream is unique. It belongs to my world, and it cannot be boxed and wrapped up by anyone else but me. In my world, I decide what my dream holiday looks like, I chart my experiences. And I want my freedom to experience what I want – all around my world.

Young happy couple

That’s how the idea was born – focus on the guest

That’s exactly how we thought when we created Zleeping Hotels – from the perspective of the guest. Zleeping Hotels offers something completely new and unique. We’re there for you who wants to plan your own personal trip. You use our booking portal to make up your own decisions and book – with ease – accommodation where you plan to travel, along your route, in line with your wishes and ideas.

With Zleeping Hotels, you’ve got the opportunity to:

  • Choose among and book any of more than 38,000 hotels at more than 1500 destinations in over 120 countries.

  • Book accommodation in line with your personal travel plan and tailor a total solution for your dream stay.

  • Book a transfer to and from your hotel/airport.

  • Book Zleeping Hotels’ unique Total Cancellation Protection .

  • Book at any time of day – our booking portal is always open.

  • Have access to other people’s reviews in ZleepAdvisor, look for opinions about the specific hotel you’re interested in, and share your experiences from around the world through reviewing your hotel stays.

  • Earn Zleeping Dollars by booking hotels. The more Zleeping Dollars you get, the cheaper your bookings and deals.

  • Travel securely knowing you can have trust in Zleeping Hotels’ support and service all over the world.

Specialists in hotels and experiences

At Zleeping Hotels we’ve got exceptional specialist knowledge within the company, the result of experiences made over many years in this our line of business. With no drops in quality in any link of the chain we present you with a complete offering of hotels, experiences and unforgettable memories during your stays. Besides, we’re always close at hand for our guests, supporting and servicing you all the world over.

Personal service is part of our culture

Personal service is an integrated part of the Zleeping Hotels culture. The essence of our activity is our pledge to see to it that each and every client can feel trust in us during the full length of our business relationship, from booking to return home. We intend Zleeping Hotels to be a living, dynamic company where we, together with our clients, create and shape the best possible activity from both the client’s and the company’s point of view. We aim to be in a constant dialogue with our clients, a dialogue that will continuously change and improve our organization, based on the needs and wishes of our guests and visitors.

The guest should feel safe booking with us. After booking, guests can rely on us to realize their plans, and that we will be at hand for personal service during the whole stay.

Zleeping Hotels is a subsidiary of WebJet

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