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Customer Service

Wherever you go to explore the world, you’ll find Zleeping Hotels close at hand for any of your questions, any support or service needed, whether common everyday reflections or in case of unexpected occurrences.

Personal service is an integrated part of the Zleeping Hotels culture. The essence of our activity is our pledge to assure that each and every client can feel trust in us during the full length of our business relationship, from booking to return home.

We intend Zleeping Hotels to be a living, dynamic company where we, together with our clients, create and shape the best possible activity from both the client’s and the company’s point of view. We aim to be in a constant dialogue with our clients, a dialogue that will continuously change and improve our organization based on the needs and wishes of our guests and visitors.

The guest should feel safe booking with us. After booking, guests can rely on us to realize their plans, and that we will be at hand for personal service during the whole stay.

Zleeping AG
Reg.No FL-0002.361.084-1

How may we help you?

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Maria Åtting, Director

Groups, Groups Department

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Phone: +44 203 514 1723

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

» At arrival, what do I need to check in at the hotel?
A valid passport and your hotel voucher.
» Can I book a hotel room that specifically meets my needs?
We will try to make your stay at the hotel as satisfying as possible, regardless of what your need might be. You can always make a request to the hotel but Zleeping Hotels cannot guarantee that you will get all the things you have requested.
» Can I book a room over the phone?
You can call us if you need assistance to enter your booking.
» Can I cancel my account or profile at
Yes, just press the Cancel button in your account.
» Can I check out from my hotel earlier than planned?
Yes, but there will be some fees for that. The fee depends on the cancelation rules of the specific hotel.
» Can I check out later than planned from my hotel?
If you want to stay longer that planned, we can be contacted to see if we are able to help you, or you can pay directly to the hotel on spot.
» Can I close my Zleeping Hotels account?
Whenever you want, you can choose to close the account.
» Can I find a specific hotel?
Yes, you can look for the name of the hotel and then check if rooms are available when you want to stay there.
» Can I find the hotels charge and cancellation policy after I have made a reservation?
Yes. You can find all information about your booking in your Zleeping account.
» Can I get a receipt for my hotel reservation?
Yes. After completing the booking, a booking confirmation will be sent to your Email address. After full payment, a hotel voucher will be sent to the same Email address.
» Can I get transport from the airport to the hotel?
Yes. You can add a transfer booking to your hotel booking if you wish. We can arrange transfer for you at most of our destinations. If you can’t find the transfer you need bookable on the website, you can always send a require email to and we will do our best to arrange for your transfer.
» Can I indicate a special room request or preferences in my hotel reservation?
Yes, of course. We will do our best to give you what you want, but please remember that this is only a REQUEST and that Zleeping Hotels cannot give any guarantees that it will be possible to fulfill it. Some hotels charge extra for special services. Any requests should be sent to
» Can I make a hotel reservation for someone else?
Yes, no problem. You can also give away a Global Gift Card and let the receivers plan their own route, to anyplace in the world they fancy.
» Can I modify my hotel reservation?
After the booking is confirmed and paid for it can’t be modified on the website. Contact our customer service for any modifications. Changes of the client’s names and children’s age are free of charge. All changes are subject to availability.
» Can I reset my password?
Yes. Just enter your email address that you used when you registered with Zleeping Hotels and a link will be sent to you with the access information and information about how to change the password.
» Can I review or change my profile information?
Yes. Enter your account and edit the profile information whenever you wish.
» Can I see a listing of the reservations I have booked?
Yes, enter your Zleeping account and click on your reservations. If you have many reservations made you will see a list of your reservations.
» Can I sign up for Zleeping Dollars? Is there any cost to it?
Yes, anyone can sign up for Zleeping Dollars, which is absolutely free.
» Can I use Zleeping from my mobile phone?
Yes. There will soon be an App which allows you to book hotels from your mobile phone.
» Can I write a guest review about a hotel?
Yes, if you have been staying at a hotel. You will need a Zleeping Hotels reference number to post your opinion. This is to guarantee the authenticity of the reviews. Posting comments is one of the ways to earn the coveted Zleeping Dollars.
» Can my children stay at the hotel?
Normally yes. There are some adult hotels that don’t allow children but then there will be information about this in the hotel description.
» Can Zleeping Hotels hold my reservation for booking at a later time?
Zleeping Hotels holds your reservation in your shopping cart for 30 minutes. If you have been inactive for more than 30 min, your session time has expired, and your contact with Zleeping Hotel is interrupted.
» Do I have to create an account at to make the reservation?
No, you can make the reservation without an account but without the account you will not get the benefits of the attractive Zleeping Dollars.
» Does Zleeping Hotels offer any cancellation insurance?
Yes, we have two options. One Basic Insurance and one Total Insurance.
» Does Zleeping Hotels offer any special discounts?
Yes. Stay updated on the website and on Facebook, Twitter or sign up for Zleeping Hotels newsletter to keep you updated on the special discounts.
» How can I earn Zleeping Dollars?
By doing a booking through Zleeping Hotels. For each 100 € you spend through, you earn 5 Zleeping Dollar. 1 Zleeping Dollar is worth 1 €. You must have completed one booked trip before you can start earning your Zleeping Dollars. Remember that you first need to sign up for the account to be able to get this incentive.
» How can I find out more about career opportunities at Zleeping Hotels?
We will inform you on the website if the company has any available vacancies. You are always welcome to send your CV to
» How can I subscribe/unsubscribe to the Zleeping Hotels newsletter?
To subscribe to the newsletter, just log into your Zleeping account and click on the button on our website to sign up.
» How do I cancel a booking?
Click here to enter your account. If you don't have an account, you can login with your booking number and the email you entered when doing the booking. You will be able to see the booking and to cancel it. If you want us to cancel the booking you can contact us by sending an email to
» How do I get in contact with Zleeping Hotels Customer Service?
E-mail or call our web support. E-mail: Phone Web support: +442035141723. 24 Hour Web Support.
» How do I know that my reservation is confirmed
All our hotel rooms are confirmed with the hotel in the same instant you do the reservation.
» How long does it take for you to arrange a hotel change?
If you want to change hotels, you should know in advance that it is a slow and expensive process that normally takes 2-3 days, depending on the time of the year and the availability of other hotels in the area. If you still want to go forward with the hotel change we will do everything we can to help you finding a better alternative for you.
» How will I find the transfer bus at the airport?
When you book the transfer you will get another voucher for the transfer, where you will get indications on where to go to find your transport.
» How will my privacy and personal information be protected by Zleeping Hotels?
Zleeping Hotels will not share your personal information with any other company.
» I didn’t receive a confirmation email after my reservation. What do I do?
No problem. Contact us by phone or by email and we will arrange for the voucher and/or booking confirmation to be sent to you.
» I have a question about a past reservation. What do I do?
Contact us and give us your Zleeping Hotels reference number and we will try to help you.
» I have cancelled my hotel booking, when will I be credited?
The refund transaction will be done at the latest 24 hours after the cancellation has been done. Normally you will have the money back in your account 3-4 bank days after the booking has been cancelled.
» I have completed my booking, when will I be charged for my hotel reservation?
Your Visa card or MasterCard will be debited the day you choose to pay your hotel booking.
» If I forget to cancel and don’t stay in the room I have reserved, will I still be paying for the reservation?
Yes. When doing the booking you agreed to certain cancellation rules, which can be consulted also after completing the booking. Some admit a certain amount of refunding.
» If I want to change hotels, will there be any extra costs?
Before arrival: normal cancellation rules will apply and a new hotel can be booked. On spot: yes, first of all we need to know the difference in price between the new hotel and the old hotel and we also need to see what the cancellation fees are from the original hotel. We will always confirm the costs before doing anything more. After that, you as a guest can decide whether to change hotels or not.
» Is it possible to earn Zleeping Dollars on air travel and package bookings?
No. At the moment we don’t offer this possibility.
» Is it possible to reserve more than one room at a time, or book several rooms for groups of people?
Yes, you can book more than one room as long as the room type is the same.
» Is it safe to pay with a card on the website?
Yes. Payments are made with 3D Secure technology certified by VISA and MASTER CARD
» Is there a minimum age required for hotel check-in?
Normally the hotel requires you to be at least 18 years old to check in, and in the USA the age is 21.
» Something unpredictable has come up and I can’t travel. Can I cancel my reservation?
It depends. The normal cancellation rules will be applied to the booking, but for a small amount of money you can add an insurance to the booking. There are two possibilities: Basic - Cancellation Protection - We will refund you if you have valid reasons. See list. Total- Cancellation Protection - we will refund you regardless of the reason with no need to show any documents.
» The search results do not show the hotel I want to stay at. Why can’t I find the hotel?
We collaborate with more than 30,000 hotels at more than 1500 destinations in over 120 countries but sometimes this happens. What you can do is to send a request to our email and we will do our best to help you out.
» There is a problem with booking online, what can I do?
Send an E-mail to or contact our 24 hours web support on +442035141723 and we will help you to do the booking.
» Until what age are my children considered as children?
Until they are 12 years old. After that they count as adults.
» What happens if I need to cancel a reservation made using Zleeping Dollars?
If the hotel is cancelled within the cancellation period you will get the Zleeping Dollars back into your account instantly after the cancellation is made. Normal cancellation rules will be applied also for bookings with Zleeping Dollars.
» What is the ZleepAdvisor?
At Zleeping Hotels we put all the focus on the guests, which is why we also want them to share their opinions with other guests. The ZleepAdvisor gives you personal opinions and information about hotels, which will help you get a better all-over impression of the hotel.
» What is your cancellation policy?
Cancellation rules for all bookings will be shown during the booking procedure. ”Zuperdeal” is a hotel room or apartment at a very affordable price and is therefore a NON REFUND booking. It is NOT possible to cancel or make any changes to this kind of booking. You will always be asked before you can book a Zuperdeal-offer.
» What kind of credit and debit cards do you accept?
To do a booking you need a Visa or a MasterCard.
» What type of rooms do you have?
Double room: Contains one double bed or two single beds in the same room. Suitable for two people. Bathroom/shower if nothing else is mentioned in the hotel description. Extra-Bed in a Double Room: Extra bed in the Double room for children 2-11 years old or for adults. Single room: Contains one or two single beds. Suitable for one person. Bathroom/shower if nothing else is mentioned in the hotel description. In the United States the majority of the rooms have two beds (135-160 cm/bed) or a wide bed (grand lit). Rooms for three up to four persons normally have two wide beds. The price for this kind of rooms is rather low, but it is then one bed for two persons to share. Some hotels offer an extra bed for an extra fee (to be booked and paid directly to the hotel). Multi-bed rooms exist in some of our budget alternatives/hostels. Shared rooms with several beds. Some of the rooms have shower/WC in the room and some have shared facilities in the corridor. Apartment – Studio: Apartment consisting of one room, combined living and bed room, kitchenette and bathroom. Apartment -1 bedroom: Apartment with a separate bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen or kitchenette. Apartment - 2 bedrooms: Apartment with 2 separate bedrooms, living room, bathroom, kitchen or kitchenette. Balcony or terrace: According to the information for every hotel/apartment
» When making a reservation, are taxes included in the room rate?
Yes always. If it is any exception you will be notified at the booking stage and on voucher
» Where can I find directions to the hotel?
On your hotel voucher you will find all the information about the hotel, directions and phone number.
» Who writes the guest reviews in ZleepAdvisor?
To make sure we get the opinion of the people that really have STAYED at the hotel, you need to have a Zleeping Hotels booking number, which can only be used once to post the opinion.
» Why should I register with and sign in to
Because if you do, you will have the opportunity to earn Zleeping Dollars that may be used as a discount on your next booking.
» Why should I subscribe to the Zleeping Hotels newsletter?
To get the latest discount and news on our hotels.
» Will I still get the same rate if I change a hotel reservation?
It depends on what changes you want to do and how it affects the booking. If you for example want to add a person to the booking you might need another room, which you will have to pay extra for.
» Will my Zleeping Dollars credits ever expire?
As long as you yourself don’t decide not to use them, you can’t lose your Zleeping Dollars. Zleeping Dollars can only be used as currency on services bought through
» Will the hotel allow me to bring my pet along?
There are some pet-friendly hotels, but not all are. The best way to make sure is to make a request by email to

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