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The capital of the state of Massachusetts is located along the United States’ East Coast and its inhabitants, the “Bostonians” , give me a warm welcome in the summer heat. Boston presents many options for tourists who come here, there is a great number of restaurants, bars, museums and top-notch sports. If you come to the city by air you arrive at the centrally situated Logan International Airport and from there the most smooth and easy way is to go by bus to South Station, it will just take a few minutes. At South Station there is a Bus Terminal and Subway so from there you have easy access to many parts of the city. As soon as you have checked in at your accommodation you are ready to start your sightseeing :)

Trinity Church.

In Harvard University you can join a guided tour and in Downtown Boston there are many other walking tours to pick and choose. The most famous one is called Freedom Trail and this is a 2.5 mile walk through the city along a red stripe marking the trail. The walk includes 16 national historic sites where you’ll learn more about the city. You can either walk on your own or with a guide.

In 1773 American Patriots threw more than 300 chests of tea, belonging to the British East Indian Company, into the sea, an incident called the Boston Tea Party. This was to protest British Parliament’s tax on tea, and nowadays there is a museum in the harbour where you can try your hand at dumping chests of tea into the sea from a ship.

The ships and the museum where you can recreate the “Boston Tea Party”.

There are plenty of sports to watch if you are interested. The New England Patriots play American football, the Boston Celtics play basketball, the Boston Red Socks play baseball, the New England Revolution play soccer and the Boston Bruins play ice hockey in the NHL. Take the opportunity of watching one of these teams when you are visiting the city.

Do you know what I regularly do in most cities that I visit? Well of course I go sightseeing by bus – a Hop-On Hop-Off tour :) Boston, too, has its buses so I bought a tour ticket and hopped on at South Station. The tour went along the waterfront and I hopped off at the New England Aquarium.

Hop on hop off, a classic!

In the harbour there were various boat tours offered, including one where you go out to watch whales, but I chose the ferry cruising the harbour of Boston for 45 minutes. From the ferry you have a fine view of Boston’s skyscrapers and the beautiful Harborwalk along the waterfront. I hopped off at the USS Constitution museum ship, a frigate launched in 1797 and nowadays moored in Boston harbour. Near the ship there is a museum to visit, the admission fee is an optional donation.

Ferry cruising in Boston harbour.

USS constitution museum ship.

The bus tour then continued through central Boston and I hopped off at 84, Beacon Street. There used to be a pub there, called the Bull & Finch. It was a source of inspiration for the TV show Cheers and the pub later changed its name to the same as the TV show. Inside the pub there are lots and lots of pictures from the TV show and also great range of souvenirs marketing anything imaginable with a Cheers print.

The Pub Cheers, from the Tv-series with the same name.

I went on by bus and then I stopped at the Fenway Park baseball arena. From there I headed for the famous shopping in Newbury Street, Boston’s answer to Los Angeles’ Rodeo Drive. I entered a couple of the trendy boutiques but without shopping, my excuse is the fact that I didn’t want to carry all the shopping bags in the heat …. Then I continued my bus tour with a ride in the Cambridge neighbourhood on the opposite side of the Charles River and finally the tour came to an end in Beacon Hill and the big Boston Common Park. An excellent sightseeing tour that told me something of the history of the city and made it easier for me to make myself familiar with the area.

Fenway park, the city baseball arena.

Berklee College of music has educated many stars.

A friend of mine from my native district is at the present time a scientist at Harvard so I took the chance of seeing her during my visit in in city, and we went up the Prudential Tower skyscraper where a rooftop bar is to be found on the 52nd floor. It is called the Top of the Hub. There we had a corner table with a magnificent view of the city. I sat sipping a Mojito while looking down at the Fenway Park arena. Visiting “The Hub” is a must if you come to Boston. Another “must” is walking along the waterfront of Cambridge at night watching the illuminated skyscrapers of Boston, an impressive sight reminding you of Manhattan’s skyline.

The roof bar, Top of the Hub.

Boston skyline, visible from the pier in Cambridge.

As usual I combined my visit to a city with an event, and the highlight of this journey was a concert with Taylor Swift. She is one of the world’s best-selling artists at present and I was looking forward to watching her show held at the Gillette Stadium located some 20 miles outside Boston. Outside the arena there was a big pre-party in the parking lot with people sitting beside their cars among barbecues and laid tables. The atmosphere was magnificent, but as for me, I went on to a pub where my buddy Yogi was waiting. We met in Dublin when we were there to watch U2 and from then on we have kept in touch on Facebook. He lives just outside Boston, and now we took the opportunity of meeting again. When it was time to go to the concert I said goodbye to Yogi and entered the impressive arena normally used by the New England Patriots in the National Football League. Now 60,000 fans were waiting for the concert and it felt like sitting in a glittering sky of stars. Everybody had a digitally controlled wristband twinkling in different colours and moreover lots of fans had signs fitted with lamps so indeed there was a spectacular sight opening before our eyes in the arena and its lofty terraces.

Gillette Stadium.

At length it was time for Taylor Swift and when the arena was darkened and the first notes of the song “Welcome to New York” were heard in the loudspeakers the music was drowned by ear-splitting cheering, just guess if I had goose-flesh all over my body. Exactly those seconds make all work, planning and travelling worth while, when you experience such atmosphere, no matter if it is a sports event or a concert. The wristbands given to all of us started twinkling white light in step with the music and then transformed into red, blue and green thus creating a marvellous visual experience. Taylor often invites special guests on stage during her concerts. Previously in her tour for instance, the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team entered the stage with the World Champion Cup they had won in the FIFA Women’s World Cup. She started the presentation of tonight’s guest artist in the Gillette Stadium by telling us about a song she had heard this summer, one that she just had to learn by heart: Welcome on stage, Walk the Moon and “Shut Up and Dance with Me!” Oh my God, what cheering from the audience! One of the summer’s top radio hits was now performed live and the stands were swaying as all fans were jumping on beat with the chorus. The wristbands were glistening in all colours and the result was one big party, a memory for life! Taylor performed some songs acoustically displaying her skills in guitar playing. The party continued and after two hours the show was concluded with “Shake It Off”. Confetti and fireworks provided proper setting for the incredible finish and the audience joined in a final ovation, unforgettable! I can do nothing but giving the concert grade 10 out of 10! Good entertainment should be just like this :)

Taylor Swift performed for 60 000 fans.

Boston is a beautiful city, well worth visiting. And don’t forget having a tasty drink up there in “The Hub”!

You’ll hear from me,

Popular hotels to book in Boston:

Marriott Copley Place
Well-known hotel in a great location in the heart of Boston’s Back Bay, where there are several restaurants and great shopping facilities next to the hotel.

Boston Park Plaza
This is a culturally protected hotel in a nice location next to Boston’s Public Garden and within walking distance from the lively Copley Place.

Copley Square Hotel
First class hotel set in historic heart of Boston, within short walking distance from Trinity Church, Newbury Street with its cafes, restaurants and world-class shops.

Boston Sheraton Hotel
Located in the historic Back Bay area and adjacent to the Hynes Convention Center.

Wyndham Boston Beacon Hill
The Wyndham Boston Beacon Hill is located at the base of Boston’s most historic neighborhood, Beacon Hill.


- Oh Madre Mia! I could understand things were not all right when the woman at the check in desk of Barcelona Airport gazed at me with that look in her eyes …
- You’re not going home today, you’re booked on the 25th of July! There I was, on Easter Monday, the 25th of April!!
She went on: – It’s crazy today, end of holiday, everyone is going home and the flight is overbooked, we have put you on stand by now, Good Luck!

Curtain! Evidently I had managed to misdate my flight home by three months … I was on the verge of crying, tired, broke and alone. How would I gain strength to go back to town to find accommodation in case I wouldn’t be able to go home that night? I texted messages to some friends back home in Sweden, but they just laughed sending answers like: “You are such an experienced traveller, how could you? Hahahahaha” No compassion at all from my friends, well, I would have to stand them to a treat …

Two long hours of waiting elapsed in the departure hall. Five minutes before the check in desk was to be closed the woman told me that there was only one seat vacant on the last flight home, agony! As time had gone by the woman called me and said I could go home, there was still one seat!

Even though this happened during my first visit to Barcelona it has not discouraged me from revisiting the city several times. With its varied range of attractions Barcelona has become one of my favourite cities. The beach is within walking distance of the vibrant street of La Rambla and after an exciting football game in Camp Nou there are plenty of night clubs where to celebrate the victory.

At the beach the wifi is free! Good if you want to send home some selfies…

Cava and the best beach bag, a perfect combination…

Las Ramblas mingle.

I made my first visit to Barcelona together with my buddy, Tompa. We were conscientious tourists and started our trip by taking a “Hop-on Hop-off” sightseeing bus tour. This always gives you a general view of the city and of course you can hop off at the sights you would like to explore. We got out of the bus at the Sagrada Familia, the renowned basilica whose construction started in the late 19th century and even today it is not totally completed. This is an imposing structure which will obviously attract a large number of tourists so I haven’t taken the time to stand in a queue to see the building from inside. But one day I will enter it ….

A visit to La Sagrada Familia, is a must!

Me and Tompa continued our sightseeing tour to the Montjuïc hill where we enjoyed the views of the port and beaches of Barcelona. The Olympic Museum is located here and of course we paid a visit to the room of state of sports. For the main part the museum dealt with the 1992 Barcelona Olympics but other Olympic Games were also exhibited. Well worth a visit if you are interested in Olympics. A stone’s throw away from the museum is the Olympic Stadium which was used, for instance, during the 1992 Olympic Games and the 2010 European Athletics Championships.

Views from Montjuïc.

But the greatest moment of that arena must after all have been a couple of May nights in 2012 when Bruce Springsteen’s World Tour visited Barcelona. The first night I was there in the company of a bunch of friends and we experienced a stunning concert in the summer heat. A couple of hours before the performance we entered the arena and tested the selection of drinks in the bar, their Mojitos were quite all right. Time passed 9:30 PM and around 50,000 fans welcomed The E Street Band & Bruce Springsteen on stage. The blockbuster ‘Badlands’ opened the show and Bruce had the audience in the palm of his hand right from the beginning! Many people were worried about what would happen without Clarence Clemons who had passed away two years earlier, but Bruce had the stroke of genius to add a whole horn section and it was an immediate success. The saxophone was played by Jake Clemons, the nephew of Clarence, and he managed it perfectly. Springsteen was in excellent spirits and during the last five songs I was standing with tears in my eyes, and I was not the only one. The concluding ‘Born in the USA’, ‘Born to Run’, ‘Bobby Jean’, ‘Dancing in the Dark’ and ‘Tenth Avenue Freeze Out’ gave me goose pimples down to my ankles ….. What a surpassing show, also including ‘The River’, ‘Thunder Road’ plus a version of ‘Prove It All Night’ that had not been played since 1980.

We were very close to the stage when Springsteen performed at the Olympia Stadium.

The second night was my birthday and only Tompa and myself went to the concert. We arrived there in good time before the show, and standing in the queue we got to know Mats and Jocke from Sweden. Jocke was an ice hockey player in Barcelona so we got some good tip-offs but best of all we got a pair of new friends for a lifetime. One year later me, Mats and Jocke would be sitting in a hotel bar in Stockholm chatting with Springsteen, but that is a different story … That story likewise includes Jocke and myself getting Bruce Springsteen’s autograph on our arms and then seeing a tattoo artist to have the autograph eternalized ….
My birthday couldn’t have had a better celebration. Springsteen and the band went full steam and my 19th concert with Bruce was fantastic!

If, contrary to expectation, it’s raining during your visit to Barcelona there are plenty of museums to explore, or you can do like Tompa and myself, spend an afternoon in the Aquarium of Barcelona. There are 450 species of animals and an 80 metre long glass tunnel where you have fish swimming all around your head. Take my tip and buy tickets in advance, then you can avoid the long queues at the entrance.

At the Barcelona aquarium there is a long tunnel under water.

One more highly esteemed attraction during Tompa’s and my first visit was the guided tour in the legendary Camp Nou arena. There, too, we passed the long queue as we had bought tickets in advance downtown, which felt fine in the heat. To begin with, we looked round in the Club Museum with its long rows of trophies and then we could enter the changing rooms and the cabins where the reporters sit commentating on the matches. The visit came to an end with our entering the field at the centre line. What a feeling to stand down there gazing up at the big stands, a dream come true!
We have watched a couple of league matches with FC Barcelona at Camp Nou. During our first visit we watched Barcelona – Osasuna. As the teams entered the arena the home team anthem, ‘El Cant del Barça’, was played and indeed, we got goose pimples all over us when all Camp Nou hollered Barca, Barca Baaarca!! The game itself was a bit long-winded at first but we didn’t matter, we were there on site. 73,000 people cheered when David Villa scored 1-0 in the first half. In the second half Messi made history when scoring 2-0. He was the first player in Spanish league history scoring 50 goals in one season. The Spanish man beside me was much relieved and gave me high five :)
He told me that after every game he went home to watch the replay of the game on TV ..

To see a game at Camp Nou is a must if you are a fan!

Our second match on site was Barcelona defeating Malaga 4-1, that was the last game of the season and Barça could celebrate their winning one more League Title. We have celebrated wins with joyful nights at the Hard Rock Café, My Bar, the Temple Bar and our favourite venue CDLC.

Speaking of wins and prizes, one of my trips to Barcelona was a prize in a photography competition :) That trip was a great success where once again I made friends for a lifetime. We were 22 people in the party and had guided tours of the city’s sights at 30 degrees above zero. The most remarkable place was Gaudi’s “Park Güell”, where we walked round among lizards adorned with mosaic, stairs and sloping columns … As early as in 1984 the park was included on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Park Güell offers different experiences.

Me and Tompa had visited Barcelona a month earlier, so while the others were running about the city shopping, we enjoyed ourselves in the pool area of the nice Catalonia Hotel. We were sitting in our sun loungers drinking sangria when our friends returned wet through with perspiration after a couple of hours in the shops of the city.

The best hotel swimming pool we experienced was the one of the Andante Hotel. This hotel is in close vicinity of La Rambla and the port, a perfect location to my mind, and the rooftop terrace offers magnificent views of the city and a swimming pool where you can cool yourself down after all sightseeing …
Don’t forget to apply sunscreen, my buddy didn’t and the result was a pretty bad burn …

Hotel Andante has a fantastic roof top pool.

If you go to Barcelona you mustn’t forget visiting La Boqueria Market, mingling in the beautiful Placa Reial Square, watching a Flamenco Show or keeping an eye on your wallet in the Placa de Catalunya. But most important of all, don’t miss visiting the small Can Paixano Bar in 7, Carrer de la Reina Cristina. A metal roller shutter door hides the venue when it’s closed, and as it is raised a cosy bar and shop comes into sight that offers fabulous food and cava. This is THE place we visit first of all when we arrive in Barcelona :) Thanks for tipping us off, Mats and Jocke!

La Boqueria market.

The small bar, Can Paixano, has very good cava.

Why not cool down at the harbour of Barcelona?

You’ll hear from me,

Popular hotels to book in Barcelona:

H10 Marina Barcelona
Hotel located between Plaza Ciudadella and the Olympic Port with a rooftop swimming pool on the 8th floor, overlooking the city and the coast, and with SPA.

The Rialto hotel is centrally located in the Gothic quarter.

Ramblas Hotel
Located in the historical, commercial and tourist centre of Barcelona, on the famous Rambla, close to the cathedral and the harbour.

Catalonia Park Guell
Located in a quiet area near Park Güell and surrounded by a variety sport clubs and recreational areas.

Catalonia Sagrada Familia
Hotel with outdoor pool, open summertime.

Situated in the former Duques de Medinaceli Palace, in the historic centre of Barcelona, close to Las Ramblas.

Petit Palace Opera Garden
Hotel located by Las Ramblas and 700 meters from Placa Catalunya.

Auto Hogar
Centrally located 500 meters from La Rambla.

Los Angeles, the City of Palm Trees

- Hi, I’m from Sweden and I’m stupid! The credit card that was valid as an entry ticket to the U2 Concert was left at home in Sweden in the safe …
Time to brush up an old travel dream, to visit “The City of Angels”, Los Angeles. When it was decided that the U2 rock band were to go on tour again we were of course eager to know in what cities they would perform. As the tour schedule was published on their website I instantly decided on LA and some time later we were eight buddies having tickets for U2 in “The Forum”.

I immediately booked a flight and I planned my journey for one week on site. My first ideas had been to stay in LA for a couple of days, attend the concerts in LA and then fly up to San Francisco for a final trip by car down to LA. After having informed some friends who had visited these places before about my plans, I made up my mind for one week in LA, no point in rushing around. Las Vegas will be some other time, for I will definitely return to California.
We split up in two parties, four of us went to Vegas directly while the rest of us stayed in LA for the whole week. And the tip-off given to me as to staying in LA for the whole week proved to be a piece of good advice. Even though we remained there for a week I didn’t have time to visit all the things I had planned to see.

Los Angeles is situated at the Pacific Ocean in Southern California and has a pleasant subtropical Mediterranean climate. We visited the city during the last week of May and experienced the weather phenomenon called “June Gloom”. Cool mornings with clouds and hot afternoons with sunshine.
If you want to go all over the city as a tourist to visit all sights, renting a car is a must. And we spent many hours in our car ….. It’s a big city with heavy traffic so you must allow for plenty of time cruising between different venues. It’s well worth the time to plan ahead and schedule the day and maybe choose one neighbourhood per day to minimize the time in traffic jams. There is an excellent network of public buses in the city, but there you lose valuable holiday time at every bus stop …..

My experiences

We had a direct flight from Stockholm to Los Angeles and landed late in the afternoon. The difference in time was nine hours, which meant middle of the night Swedish time for us. We were rather tired as we were met by our friends at the airport. Tompa and Lotta had already stayed in the city for a couple of days so they were bright and cheery when they picked us up at the gate. We got the rental car and headed for Santa Monica and the sight of all palm trees, the view of Los Angeles and the feeling of finally being on holiday gave me shivers all up my back.

Santa Monica beach.

Our accommodation was next to the beach in Santa Monica, a four-minute walk from the famous pier with its amusement park twinkling in bright colours at night. Two blocks away was the Third Street Promenade Complex where jerseys and shoes were purchased during our stay. There were also a great number of restaurants, and the tastiest dinner of the trip was had at the Chipotle Mexican Grill, 1218 3rd St. One day 3rd Street was chaotic. After a while we found out that the Kendall and Kylie Jenner sisters were visiting a clothing store to launch a new summer collection. Well over 500 fans were queuing to get into the store. Me and Bengt just walked on ……

I certainly liked strolling round on Santa Monica Pier. The pier is more than 100 years old and on it there are restaurants, shops, an aquarium and an amusement park, Pacific Park. Right furthest out on the pier anglers are trying to catch a fine dinner from the Pacific. The pier is the end point of the famous Route 66 and it has appeared in many movies and TV shows, and it felt almost unreal when we were sunbathing next to the pier and all the towers used by the lifeguards of today and also used in the Baywatch TV show. But I woke up when I went for a swim in the cold ocean, which was just as well for then I realized that I wasn’t dreaming :)

Santa Monica Pier.

One day we went for a long walk along Santa Monica Beach to Venice Beach. What an abundance of people and different personalities! ‘Be Yourself’ is a good description of the crowds mingling along the Promenade.

Nice mix of people at Venice.

We slunk in among the shops in Gingerbread Court where we met Berit from Sweden who has lived in Los Angeles since 1981. She told us that Chaplin and Hendrix had resided in the house we were standing in front of, and then she gave us some good tip-offs for our stay in the city.


The atmosphere was marvellous all over Venice that Sunday afternoon. Shops, market stalls, musicians, street performers and people practising jogging runs mingled with us tourists. At the Muscle Beach Gym sturdy men were exercising and in an adjacent small area people were standing on roller skates dancing to music. In the Venice Skate Park skateboarders ran around at seemingly perilous speed but they had full control. The sun blazed down and our thirst made itself felt. I had checked out some rooftop bars at home before our trip and one of them was to be somewhere in Venice. Finally we had made our way to the Erwin Hotel and we took the elevator up to the rooftop bar. There we were welcomed by a wonderful view of LA and Venice Beach. The palm trees were swaying in front of us as we enjoyed the first mojitos of the trip :) I honestly recommend a visit at the Erwin Hotel Rooftop Bar, 1697 Pacific Avenue.

Rooftop Bar, Erwin Hotel.

This day came to an end in the cosy Ye Olde King’s Head Pub, 116 Santa Monica Blvd. We might as well have been singing karaoke there, for our faces couldn’t have been more glowing red than what they already were from the strong spring sun.

Naturally we did a hop-on hop-off bus tour. We paid $44 for a 24 hour ticket with access to five different routes. We only had time for two of them and those routes took us around Santa Monica, Brentwood, Westwood, Beverly Hills and Hollywood. In Westwood we hopped off the bus and explored UCLA and the Los Angeles National Cemetery where soldiers killed in war are interred. Then we went on to the Pierce Brothers Westwood Village Memorial Park where Marilyn Monroe is buried. Her plaque has a different colour from those of other graves because it has to be cleaned so often on account of all kiss marks …. The grave next to hers is empty, it is reserved for Hugh Hefner, the founder of the Playboy Magazine.

Marilyn Monroe’s look a likes are everywhere.

We hopped on to the bus again and went on through Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive and Hollywood. This was a long day in the sun where we watched many well-known venues from the world of films. I always highly value these hop-on hop-off buses for they give you the opportunity to visit all sights and likewise a general view of the city making it easier to find your way later.

Bus load of tourists.

Another fine tour was “Stars’ Homes”. A classic tour where you go in small open-air mini-buses watching celebrities’ houses and a few other sights in the city. I really appreciated the tour running through small cosy quarters in Beverly Hills and Bel Air. We also drove up in the mountains on Mulholland Drive and from there we had fine views of the city. We passed houses and big mansions belonging to celebrities including Hugh Hefner, Whoopi Goldberg, Tom Cruise, Jennifer Aniston, Tarantino and Steven Spielberg. Several times during the tour we cruised past one of the world’s most expensive shopping streets, Rodeo Drive. We contented ourselves with watching all stores, there was no opportunity of entering to try on a pair of Sunday best trousers ….. We didn’t have the time …;) Something I will never forget are all those palm trees lining the streets in the city, magical for me :)

Nice residential areas at Beverly Hills.

Obviously we couldn’t miss visiting Hollywood Boulevard with all stars at the Walk of Fame. It felt like walking in a film set with the stars in the sidewalks, the Dolby Theatre where the Academy Awards Ceremony takes place every year, the El Capitan Theatre, the Roosevelt Hotel and the TCL Chinese Theatre. Outside the Chinese Theatre approximately 200 stars have left their footprints and handprints in the street. Some day it’ll be my turn ….. Along the street there is a crowd of star “lookalikes” who happily have pictures taken together with the tourists in exchange for a dollar or two. We couldn’t resist being tourist labelled when we spotted a “lookalike” from the “Hangover” movie ….. this made a very fine photo :) After that I went all in for touristing and traditionally bought a fridge magnet in Hollywood Boulevard!

Look a like from the movie Hangover.

This was an intensive week also containing a lunch in Korea Town. We spent some hours in our car to find our way there and thanks to that we watched the Downtown Skyscrapers from all directions … We had some Olympic History as we visited the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. The Summer Olympics were held there in 1932 and in 1984. I’m sure you remember the opening ceremony in 1984 when Bill Suitor came flying by Jet Pack in front of 100,000 spectators, a classic sight! The Coliseum was on my “must see list” and so was the Hollywood Sign.

Olympic history at the Coliseum.

We got into the car and drove up Beachwood Drive. Several times we passed signboards saying you couldn’t drive there if you wanted to see the Hollywood Sign. Naturally we paid no attention to the warnings and continued up the street. At last we reached a fine vantage point where we were close enough to the sign to feel content. The letters are made of steel from Australia and are almost 14 metres (45 ft) tall. They are protected by trademark owned by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. We could also watch the sign when we visited the Griffith Observatory but from there the view of the city was more attractive.

Tompa and me by the Hollywood Sign.

In Los Angeles there are many film companies and you can visit their studios. We chose a visit to Universal Studios. The US was celebrating Memorial Day so in spite of its being Monday the roads were quiet when we headed for Universal. I was in a state of tourist glory as I was walking towards the entrance and saw the big globe with the sign Universal Studios.

A visit to Universal Studios is a “must”.

We entered the world of films and we were happy to discover that there were not many people in the park so we headed directly for the “Studio Tour” attraction where according to the large screens of the park the queue time was zero minutes. That was correct and we immediate jumped into a vehicle and then we were off towards the set constructions of the park. We went through various town backlots used in movies and afterwards we went into the King Kong 360 3-D attraction where we experienced King Kong fighting against dinosaurs on both sides of our vehicle while the vehicle was simultaneously rocking and water spurting, very fine contraptions! Then we passed set constructions for “Grinchen”, “Desperate Housewives”, “Psycho”, “Earthquake” and a major plane crash. A very fine tour where we were almost eaten by the shark from the “Jaws” movie as we were passing a small lake.

The shark came dangerously close during the Studio Tour.

Our next stop was the “Waterworld” attraction which was certainly hot and wet. People sitting closest to the show were thoroughly soaked as boats and jet-skiers whirled round splashing water. Fire came out in flames, people flew in the air and suddenly an aircraft came rushing in the air and landed in the water just in front of us … Action on a high standard!

Waterworld, a good show at the Universal Studios.

The best attraction of the day was equally fast and good. In “Revenge of the Mummy – the Ride” we were off in an indoor roller coaster running in darkness. To begin with it proceeded at a moderate speed and various mummies were lit up and slime fell down from the ceiling onto us …. But suddenly we were shoved forwards at 70 km/h (44 mph) and everybody was screaming and laughing till the tears came. The vehicle halted and we had time to breathe for a few seconds before we were shoved off once again …. backwards ….. Absolutely, that was the best ride of the day.

The “Jurassic Park” offered white water rafting with dinosaurs spurting water all over us, and if you had avoided getting wet before the final raft plunge you certainly were soaked as the raft hit the water after a high treacherous drop :)

“Animal Actors” presented an entertaining show where cats, hens, rats, guinea pigs, birds and dogs appeared.

“Shrek” was a 4D cinema where water splashed and spiders tickled our legs, well worth visiting :)

Wherever you went in the park film soundtrack music was being played on top volume and the star lookalikes strolled round and had pictures of themselves taken together with the guests in the park. Outside the park was the Citywalk mall where we made a stop at the Hard Rock Café to have dinner. What an amazing day at Universal! This day was concluded with cruising along Hollywood Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard. There we passed famous clubs like Whisky a Go Go, Viper room, Roxy and Rainbow.

Whisky a go go.

Some Events, too ……

The reason for going to Los Angeles was initially watching the U2 band. They were playing at the legendary Forum in Inglewood and when booking tickets they were registered on a credit card, and the credit card was valid as an entry ticket. In the morning of the first concert day I was lying in bed checking my receipt and my credit card, the numbers didn’t match ….. I had brought the wrong credit card!!!
This day of waiting was long before it was time to go to the arena. We were received by one of the most beautiful arenas I have seen, and the only right thing to do was handling the problem directly. I went to the ticket office and met a giant-like man behind the desk.

- Hi, I’m Swedish and I’m stupid. I had imagined that start would break the ice, but the man was no way amused, even though my friends were… I told him what had happened and the man directed me to the entrance. I nervously went on to the entrance where I was directed back to the ticket office, of course. There I chose another desk and met a nice woman who told me to find a table next to the entrance where I would get assistance. Quite so, the man at the table set my mind at rest, I just had to present my driving licence and I was given a new ticket so that I could enter the arena in the company of my pals. There we met our friends who had visited Las Vegas and we had an agreeable pre-party before it was time for Bono, the frontman of the U2 band, to enter the stage and start the show with the song “The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)”. The band made a fine performance but the audience wasn’t much enthusiastic. That was a pity, we thought for this was a marvellous arena and the opportunities for a magic night were at hand but they were not fulfilled. The American audience enjoyed the show with beer and food in their mouths rather than participate in the community singing. But obviously we were nevertheless content with our experience.

We had time to see two good U2 concerts during the week.

Only myself and Bengt had tickets for the second night so we went to see my best buddy at the table who helped me with the ticket once more, he recognized me from the previous night …. During that day we had concerned ourselves thinking the concert might be cancelled since U2′s longstanding tour manager Dennis Sheehan had been found dead in his hotel room in Los Angeles. On their website the band wrote that they had suffered a loss that had caused them great sorrow but that they would continue the tour in the spirit of Dennis. Patti Smith’s “People Have the Power” was ringing round the arena where the light was put out, Bono came walking in the audience and passed just a metre away from me as he entered the stage and started the show with the same song as the night before, “The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)”. The audience and the band were somewhat better than the first night, but the show didn’t quite get off the ground. My favourite songs were “Beautiful Day” and the lovely “With Or Without You”.

Myself, Tompa, Lotta and Bengt had also booked a Nostalgia Night in the small town of Agoura Hills, located north of Los Angeles. In our car we drove along the coast to Malibu where I kept a lookout out of the car window for a glimpse of Lindsey Vonn who was there posing for photos but there was no sight of her and the car turned off Highway 1 and we drove north among picturesque peaks and valleys in the Santa Monica Mountains. In Agoura Hills we entered The Canyon rock bar and it felt like participating in an old Tarantino film. It’s hard to find a description of this venue other than ….. different. We had a table near the stage and had time to eat up our dinner before it was time for one of the highlights of the trip, the iconic Skid Row band! A wonderful feeling to hear the old classic hits in a small town outside Los Angeles. “Big Guns”, “18 and Life”, “I Remember You” and “Youth Gone Wild”. After the concert we went to the legendary Rainbow club at Sunset Strip. There were many people around in the quarters since U2 had played a club gig in the bar next door, The Roxy.

One week is much too short time if you want to explore Los Angeles, but we certainly did our best, and now we just have to wait for Bruce Springsteen’s next tour and a new visit to the West Coast of the United States might very well be close at hand :)

You’ll hear from me,

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