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Latest posts from Hotel Blog


Now that the Olympic Games in Rio are close at hand I felt this is the right time to tell you a little about the Olympics in Athens in 2004.


In 1896 the first modern Olympic Games were held in Athens, and 108 years later I was present when several Swedish athletes made history in this mythical city. In 1999 I visited Olympia on the Peloponnese peninsula, where the Olympic Games were held every four years from 776 BC to 393 AD. There, at the time, was for example the Temple of Zeus with the great statue of Zeus, one of the seven wonders of the world. The statue was standing till the end of the fourth century AD when it was removed. Today you can visit the ruins and museums of the site. In 1988 Olympia was declared a UNECSO World Heritage Site. Preceding every Olympic Games the Olympic Flame is lit in Olympia and then transported by a torch to the city hosting the Games.

Here the Olympic Games were held in 1896.

Athens is the capital of Greece, located next to the Gulf of Aegina and the Aegean Sea and surrounded by mountains, Mount Pateras, Mount Pentelikon, Mount Hymettos and Mount Parnitha. The climate is characterized by mild winters and hot, dry summers. The city can boast lots of sights and beautiful neighbourhoods. Before the Olympics in 2004 the city centre was redeveloped and the Attiko Metro was expanded to handle the transportation of all visitors.

Our preferred neighbourhood was Plaka, the historical city centre. That’s where we mingled among small tavernas and shops. Next to Plaka is the market neighbourhood of Monastiraki where we bargained with the ticket sellers. Right in the middle of the square were several desks where Olympics tickets were sold and bought. There we could get hold of tickets we were lacking for events where Swedish athletes were expected to win medals.

Another favourite site in Athens was Syntagma Square. Not because it’s the location of the Parliament, no we were more interested in the changing of the Presidential Guard in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The imposing guards perform a totally exceptional ceremony when relieving the guard … We loved halting there at night on our way home from the bars.

Relieving the guard ceremony at Syntagma Square.

Athens offered us fantastic weeks, in the morning we could go down to the beach for sun and swim, in the afternoons and evenings there were competition events and at night we had great parties!

A venue we came to love was the Holland Heineken House, a great party area next to the Zappeion building in the National Gardens. What memories! Every evening we were present in our wigs and matching yellow and blue attire …

Cheering on Sweden.

At the end of our journey we only paid half price in the bar for propagating so much joy … Several athletes and their families were there. We made friends with the swimmer Pieter van den Hoogenband’s mother, so when she walked round with his gold medal of course we could touch it. We fraternized with Inge de Bruin’s family, but above all we made a later Olympic Champion laugh till the tears ran down her cheeks .. We sang ‘Devil in Diguise’ for Cathy Freeman from Australia, poor her … But anyway she laughed excessively ….

Cathy Freeman from Australia got to hear us sing!

When the Holland Heineken House closed for the night we used to go on to a bar where Swedish fans, athletes and journalists habitually gathered. At night spirits were high there and the Swedish athletes who had done all their competing partied with the fans. Many fun incidents happened, some of which would bear being described, others had better stay with us who were present ;) A classic night was when the Swedish Women’s National Team appeared after playing their last game in the tournament. That’s when we danced round the floor in the company of football players, athletes, wrestlers, journalists and fans. A marvellous night going on until 6 o’clock AM.

Party with the ladies from the Swedish soccer team.

Me and my buddy then went home to our hotel to pick up our tickets for the canoeing competition due in the morning… At 11 I woke up lying on my bed fully dressed holding the ticket in my hand. I had 14 missed called on my mobile phone and definitely 20 text messages. “Are you on site?” “Where are you?” “Congrats!” “Goooold!!” We had fallen asleep in our room and missed Sweden winning gold in Canoeing!! I got real mad and started packing up my swimsuit making an attempt to get to the beach, but I was much too exhausted so I went back into the room and fell asleep again, incredibly disappointed. Not until 7 PM did we get out of bed that day…. When we went into town that night my room mate met a pair of Swedish big fellows in a restaurant. My buddy told them how we had missed the canoeing race on account of falling asleep in the room and the Swedish guys laughed. They asked my buddy if he didn’t recognize them. No, my buddy had no idea, then the guys proved to be the canoeists who had won the gold medal!

Swedish supporters.

We weren’t only partying, we watched quite a number of sports events, too. We watched the US Dream Team win over Australia in basketball. We watched Croatia win an Olympic gold medal in handball. I watched my first final in Women’s Beach Volleyball. The US team won, and afterwards they have won another two gold medals with the same team. I have watched all these three finals and in Rio I have a ticket for my fourth in a row, let’s see if USA will reach it again…. In Wrestling we were hoping for medals of the most precious metal, but even though we kept cheering and singing during Ara Abrahamian’s final the outcome was “just” a silver medal for the Swedish wrestler.

One of the highlights of the Olympics was Table Tennis. The legendary Swedish player Jan-Owe Waldner played dream ping pong and the hall was crowded with Swedish fans during his matches. Waldner is considered one of the best tennis table players of all times, and his resumé includes one Olympic gold medal and six World Championship gold medals. In China he is called “Evergreen Tree”. I remember the party nights with Waldner in Beijing in 2008, his popularity in China is certainly great! In Athens he progressed as far as the bronze match and there was an outbreak of chaos outside the arena when all fans were trying to get hold of tickets. I was lucky enough to get one for free from a guide passing me in the company of a number of sponsors…. Other fans had to pay up to 100 Euros to get in. Sad to say Waldner lost the match and with a great disappointment he threw his jerseys up to his loyal fans in the stands.

In the impressive Track and Field Arena we experienced quite unbelievable events. The atmosphere while waiting for the 100 metres final was totally frantic. The crowd stood up clapping their hands to Theoderakis’s famous Zorba song. We Swedes could witness three Track and Field gold medals, and that will probably never happen again in any Olympic Games. I will never forget watching Carolina Klüft running round accompanied by the music of ABBA’s ‘Dancing Queen’, wrapped up in the Swedish flag after her gold medal in Heptathlon. In 2013 I was invited to a dinner party and had Carolina sitting beside me. I had brought my gold ticket from Athens, showed it to her and asked her to sign it, just imagine how delighted she was! The day after Carolina’s gold medal in Athens Sweden achieved more success in Track and Field. To begin with, we took our seats next to the Triple Jump where our Christian Olsson settled the final already with his first jump of 17.79 metres! Then we went over to the other short side where Stefan Holm participated in the High Jump. The guards were strict, but when they looked away we took the opportunity of sneaking down in the stands. And oh, what an atmosphere among some thousands of Swedish fans! Stefan was in trouble for a while, but after a few awesome jumps his competitors were not capable of clearing the heights any longer and the Swedish fans burst out in ecstasies! Stefan was so incredibly happy, running round with the Swedish flag! Afterwards the Swedish fans went for a wade in the fountain outside the arena, those are sights one will never forget! I had lost a bet with Stefan Holm so a couple of days later I had to treat him to an ice cream in Athens.

We had 17 marvellous days in Athens, and I often longed to return there. In 2010 I got the chance of another visit when U2 on tour made up their minds to have a gig in the Olympic Stadium. Me and my buddy Simon went to Greece and started our week by going by bus through Athens to the seaport of Piraeus. In the bus ride we passed several of the arenas where the Olympic Games were held in 2004, and many fun memories popped up. In Piraeus there are several ferries operating in the Greek archipelago and we jumped on board the ferry destined to the island of Aegina.

The Olympic Stadium in Athens, the Olympic Games were held in 2004.

There we opened our week with a few days of sun and beach before it was time to go back to Athens. We checked in at the Candia Hotel and discovered they had a most amazing rooftop swimming pool! Immediately there was a pool party! From the rooftop terrace we had beautiful views of Athens, one could see the Acropolis rock, and the sunset over the mountains was magical! Definitely a hotel to recommend!

View from Candia hotel.

My friends Tompa and Annelie joined us, and for some days we recalled our memories from the Olympic Games when we watched the changing of the guard in Syntagma Square and visited the Acropolis, Plaka and Monastiraki.

Acropolis by night.

When the concert in the Olympic Stadium was due we all got goose pimples walking in the area leading into the arena. So may fine memories being recalled. It was almost unreal entering the grounds of the Olympic Stadium. That’s where we had reaped three Swedish gold medals a few years earlier. The arena is very beautiful and an eminently suited concert venue. 90.000 fans welcomed U2 and this was an unforgettable night. We had standing tickets and found ourselves too far back since we hadn’t queued up for the pit in the very front, “The Circle”. Those who were admitted there had stamp marks on their hands so I suggested we should draw our own marks, and it worked. During the band’s final songs we were at the very front next to the stage. Bono caught sight of our Sweden jerseys and happily pointed at us. During the last song the community singing was so loud that Bono just stood there waving his arms, he looked almost stunned :)

U2 in Athens 2010.

Athens is well worth a visit, the old temples and ruins are awesome, and it’s an easy way of combining sightseeing, shopping and sun & beach.

Sightseeing in Athens.

NOW it’s time for my next Olympic adventure. I’m off for Rio de Janeiro in Brazil to experience my seventh Olympic Games. I look forward to watching beach volleyball, handball, soccer, wresting, sailing, mountain bike, track & field, canoeing plus lovely days in Copacabana.
Welcome to follow my trip on Instagram: lengan11

Have a good time!!

Popular hotels to book in Athens:

Royal Olympic
Hotel Royal Olympic is located next to the picturesque Plaka (Old Town).

Athens Cypria Hotel
Situated in the heart of Athens.

Arion Hotel
Location near to Monastiraki, Plaka, Thiseion and the Syntagma Square.

Best Western Candia Hotel
Basic hotel situated opposite the railway station.

Nice & Monaco

Events! Certainly I couldn’t miss the UEFA Euro 2016 in France. Five buddies and myself started planning this adventure together during the winter of 2015/16, and our choice was aiming at the Sweden vs Belgium match in Nice. The French Riviera tempted with sun, beaches and a beautiful setting. And then there was also the opportunity of increasing the number of countries visited, since Monaco is nearby. We had no problem getting match tickets and likewise there was plenty of accommodation available, so we started studying the guide books in the meantime till the departure. It might be important to have some command of the French language, too: “bonjour, bonsoir, bonne soirée …” I read about the rooftop bar La Terrasse du Plaza, the Hi Beach pizzas, the beach clubs and conscientiously made notes of the fact that bathing shoes are of great use … The last things I removed from my suitcase before leaving home were the bathing shoes, to reduce luggage weight. That was something I later regretted as I painfully stumbled along the scorching pebbles on the beach…

The beach in Nice.

Nice is located in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region in the south of France. The city is situated between Cannes and Monaco along the Mediterranean coast and many people take the opportunity of enjoying the stunning views of the coastal roads. If you go by air to Nice you arrive at the Nice-Côte d’Azur Airport, located along the sea in the outskirts of the city. From there the city center is easily accessible by bus or taxi.

The beach boulevard in Nice.

I arrived in Nice late at night and my friends Tompa, Lotta, Johan, Jonny and Peter were waiting for me in a restaurant on the ‘Promenade des Anglais’ boardwalk. The strong resemblance to Santa Monica in Los Angeles struck me. A beautifully lit promenade with streets, pathways, beach and lots of palm trees. I immediately felt that I would have a good time, standing there gazing at the Mediterranean Sea in the evening with the light of the full moon being reflected in the waves.

Nice by night.

Behind my back the legendary Le Negresco Hotel was lit up and the famous pink dome beamed forth luxury up there on the roof. The hotel opened in 1913, and today it feels like entering an art museum in case you visit it.

The hotel Le Negresco.

We started Match Day with sparkling wine on the balcony, and then sparkling continued on the beach. Behind us was the Le Negresco Hotel and on our left the Neptune Beach Club. Pop pop, the corks of the fizzy bottles were launched across the beach while simultaneously Swedish cheers could be heard from the hop-on hop-off sightseeing coaches passing on the beach road. Swedish fans took the chance of touring the city and experiencing some culture while at the same time warming up for the game. The beach pebbles were hot and definitely uncomfortable to walk on if you wanted a swim in the cool Mediterranean Sea. Guess if I regretted leaving my bathing shoes on the floor at home …
In the afternoon we went to the historical city center where Swedish and Belgian fans had gathered in the bar streets. Naturally everybody was in high spirits and the fans tried to shout the others down while at the the same time remembering the importance of drinking a lot in the heat. We met many of our friends from back home among the fans and spent a nice afternoon in a wonderful setting.

Swedish supporters in Nice.

Then we were taken by bus to the Stade de Nice Arena, normally the home ground of the OGC Nice Team. Immediately we found ourselves in live broadcast in French TV, and Lotta was able to show off in an interview. It was incredibly hot and Swedish and Belgian fans began drawing their attention to drinking water in order to pull through the evening. Earlier in the championship horrible TV sequences had been broadcast from France with hooligans knocking fans about and smashing bars and restaurants, but during these days in Nice the supporters showed nothing but happy faces.

Time for Sweden vs Belgium.

My ticket was for the upper part of the stand but I didn’t want to sit there so I fooled the ushers and found my way down to row one near the pitch and stood beside the drummers of the Swedish cheering section. As regards atmosphere this would turn out one of the best matches I have experienced with the Swedish national team. The drums led the cheers and the whole yellow Swedish curve could sing along in the songs.

The writer on spot at UEFA Euro 2016!

Unfortunately the Swedish team didn’t live it up to the same extent. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the fixed star, had before the match launched the news that he would quit the national team after Euro 2016, so this might be his last game. Sweden had a good opportunity in the beginning of the game but after that Belgium was closest to having the ball in net.
But all of us fans went on fighting in the heat singing and clapping hands to the best of our ability!

The second half started, and the score was still 0-0. The Swedes were forced to win to progress in the championship so now nervousness began to spread in the stands as well as down in the pitch. In the 84th minute Nainggolan scored 1-0 for Belgium, curtain! The fans ran out of steam and the team never came back in the game, either. Belgium won and the Swedish players thanked the crowd and then left the pitch while the Belgian players celebrated together with their fans. Ibrahimovic had played his last game for the national team and walked off the grass with heavy steps.
We took the bus back to the Promenade and strolled beneath the palm trees all the time encountering happily dancing Belgians. Life goes on, when you attend heaps of events you get used to the fact that there are gloomy and fabulous moments, just keep a stiff upper lip, after all, we still had a few days to spend on the French Riviera :)

After lots of sun and beach hours we felt it was time for some culture. We had intended to go by train to the Italian village of Ventimiglia to visit their fair, but unfortunately there was a strike going on in Italy so our option was a 20 minute-journey by train to Monaco instead. In the heat of 30 degrees centigrade we strolled among enchanting buildings. The Principality is the most densely populated country in the world and the world’s second smallest sovereign state. Luxury cars shared the streets with sightseeing trains and hop-on hop-off coaches. Of course we visited the legendary Monte Carlo Casino. For an entrance fee of 10 Euros you are allowed to enter the casino at daytime and view the beautiful rooms. No dress code applies with no gaming going on … We walked round, dressed in shorts and T-shirts beneath chandeliers, golden details and beautiful pieces of art, and it felt self-evident … This was one of the few occasions that I was not on the minus side after a visit in a casino…

Monte Carlo Casino.

Beautiful indoors at the casino.

Then we walked down to the harbour with its fine views of luxury yachts and “small” leisure boats… It’s hard to believe that F1 races are run in these narrow streets. Furthest out in the harbour there was a show jumping event and I went looking for Bruce Springsteen’s daughter Jessica, who was said to be present, but I couldn’t see her. Most probably she was sitting in one of the luxurious lounges surrounding the arena. Strange to say nobody invited us in …

Horse jumping show in Monaco.

The streets and neighbourhoods were very cosy and defying the heat we strolled around in Monaco for a couple of hours before feeling the temptation of the beach in Nice again … The trains between the cities leave at short intervals and a return ticket is 6 Euros. A cheap excursion tip-off if you are visiting Nice.


One hour later I was swimming in the Mediterranean again, enjoying the sights of the Promenade in Nice. The water was pleasantly cooling and once more I regretted my leaving my bathing shoes at home in Sweden …. Later I also regretted my using a factor 10 sunscreen instead of 30 like my friends …

Tompa takes a dip into the sea.


Popular hotels to book in Nice:

Le Negresco
Negresco is a classic luxury hotel with a superb location, right on the famous Promenade des Anglais in Nice. The hotel restaurant Chantecler has 2 stars in the Guide Michelin.

Mercure Nice Centre Grimaldi
The 4-star Hotel Mercure Nice Centre Grimaldi is situated in the city center of Nice, about 300 m from the beach and close to the Promenade Des Anglais, the old town, tram and bus stops.

Boreal Hotel Nice
Charming hotel with a great location in Nice opposite the shopping centre Nice Etoile and within walking distance to the beach and the Old Town.

Hotel de Flore
This 3 star hotel is situated in the heart of Nice 300m from Promenade des Anglais and 350m from the beach.

Popular hotels to book in Monaco:

Hermitage Monaco
Situated 200 meters from Casino square and from port Hercule.

Forum Hotel Monaco
Located in the centre of Monte Carlo, just 150 metres from the Monaco train station.

Oslo, Raiders of the lost bag ..

I woke up in the hotel room and drowsily gazed round … Oh yes, we were in Oslo … The headache was like an explosive pain after a merry night out and I started checking that everything had come back home to the room … Wallet – check, Phone – check, my buddy Tompa – check, Bag …… Oh, Nooooo! My bag containing asthma medicine, specs and my fine camera was lost, panic breaking out …


Well, me and Tompa had come to Oslo, for I had won a package tour to the Eurovision Song Contest. The capital of Norway has much to offer, culture, sights, outdoor activities and sports events. Further below in this blog post you’ll get some hints from my Norwegian friend Mari.

Now back to 2010. The journey started with my arriving some time earlier than Tompa so I walked down to “Aker Brygge”, a neighbourhood that used to contain shipyards and engineering industry, but now it is housing elegant shops, restaurants, business offices and residential streets. Aker Brygge has a central waterfront location in Oslo, and strolling along the marina and all restaurants with terraces is is a very pleasant experience. In the inner part of the bay there is also the Akershus Fortress and from there you have fine views of the city and Aker Brygge.

Aker Brygge
Aker Brygge

Aker Brygge
Aker Brygge

View over Aker Brygge
View over Aker Brygge

I went on with my sightseeing into the city center of Oslo and walked along the famous boulevard of Karl Johans Gate all the way to the Royal Palace. The construction of the palace was completed in 1849 and it is surrounded by the large Palace Park. From the palace you can admire the magnificent view of central Oslo and Karl Johan Street.

The Royal Palace
The Royal Palace

My buddy Tompa had arrived at the hotel, so I contented myself with today’s sightseeing and went back to the hotel where we began the first party of our trip. When it was time to head for the arena where the Eurovision Song Contest was to take place we brought a bottle of rum just because it felt like a smart thing to do at the time … Out in the street we met a Russian sailor who did not hesitate to drink our rum from the bottle while wearing his sailor’s uniform. Bad luck for him that we took pictures of the incident and that we happened to show the photograph to his commanding officer later that weekend …

At the arena we used the VIP entrance of course, and had fine seats in the long side section. There was a tremendous atmosphere in the arena and naturally we cheered for our Swedish entry to the best of our ability. This was the contest Semi-final and in spite of our support the Swedish entry failed going to the Final. We might as well set off on an excursion into Oslo’s nightlife and forget all about the washout in the competition. We experienced an amazing and hilarious evening downtown and I assume we arrived back home in the hotel very late …. And then the anguish when I realized that the bag was lost …

Tompa remained in bed while I drowsily set out into the city in the morning to try remembering where the bag might have been left behind. After an hour’s search I just had to give it up, but it didn’t feel right considering the medicine, my specs and the camera ..

In the afternoon we went for a park picnic in Stensparken in the company of our friends Morten, Ulrika and Tanja. We told them about our adventures and our friends laughed till the tears came … I needed my asthma spray and didn’t know how I could get hold of one. Then Morten told me that he had some spray in his apartment and that I could have it. However the apartment was quite far away from the park. Then Tanja thought of the fact that her father was a taxi driver in Oslo, and he might be able to go and fetch the spray if it could be arranged that someone could get it out of the apartment… Half an hour later an asthma spray was delivered by taxi to the park!
Tompa realized that we certainly had a number of pictures from the evening in our mobile phones .. We laughed heartily at all pictures but at the same time found out that there was some detective work to be carried out. We could see many buildings in the backgrounds of the pictures so it might be possible to walk round in the city and figure out where we had been with the help of those pictures … We also found a short video sequence from inside the last bar we visited, and there the camera bag was seen coming into the picture, and one could also see a white roofing above the terrace .. Now we had a promising task for the evening!
We spent a fun evening in the city center searching for backgrounds … We made considerable progress but we never found that last bar!

The search continued the next evening in the company of Tanja, Tompa and Ulrika, how many terraces with white roofing could there be?? We met two Norwegian girls outside the City Hall and told them our story about the bag. Jointly we looked at the pictures and the girls instinctively felt which way we should go. We passed the small square outside the City Hall where I had been searching ten times and went on into a narrow alley. At the end of the alley we reached an opening … and there!!! I immediately recognized the place and certainly the terrace had a white roofing! This was the first place I passed as I left the hotel the first morning to go searching for the bag … My mistake then was not looking five metres further to the right as I was walking past that street … I didn’t dare start celebrating yet, any customer could have stolen the bag.. I entered the bar and nervously asked the bartender if they had a lost bag. – Yes, it’s there on the shelf! We saw the asthma medicine in the bag and assumed someone would have a hard time now!
What happiness!! The bag had been found with all its contents remaining. Just imagine the celebration that night, and the bag was safely brought home this time ….

Our journey was concluded with a visit to the Oslo Opera House. The Opera House, covered with white Carrara marble, opened in 2008. Strolling round on the roof of the Opera House while enjoying the panoramic views has become one of Oslo’s great tourist attractions. I was lucky to have my asthma spray and my camera on the roof …

The Opera House
The Opera House.

Stroll on the Opera House roof
Stroll on the Opera House roof.

Sports. Oslo has a lot to offer as regards sports and outdoor activities. Ski competitions in the legendary Holmenkollen stadium are classic events. Tompa and myself certainly wanted to experience that atmosphere, so in 2011 we returned to Oslo and checked in at our friend Ulrika’s house, close to Bislett, another well-known arena in Oslo. Tanja also joined us and together we went up to Holmenkollen to attend the World Ski Championships during three sunny days. The weather was cold as we stood near to the ski track and the frosty trees beautifully glistened in the morning sun. The Norwegian people present took great care of us Swedish people and we were treated with food and drink although our own rucksacks were filled with supplies. NRK, the Norwegian broadcasting company, came up and made a live radio interview with me, I tried not to sound nervous … Suddenly a woman came running across the ski track up to us. She was the German skier Tobias Angerer’s wife. We had made friends during the Olympic Games in Vancouver the year before, and it was great meeting again. Then the Swedish television company appeared and made an amusing feature about me and Tompa. No cushy job looking cool in wigs and Swedish jerseys, haha.

Tompa and myself like to visit events around the world
Tompa and myself like to visit events around the world.

Today’s competition was a relay race and we had great expectations on the Swedish team. The Norwegian spectators were absolutely fantastic when cheering their team to a victory, Sweden was second. The atmosphere in the Holmenkollen stadium was altogether magic! A popular festival! If you are the least interested in sports a visit to Holmenkollen during a championship should certainly be in your “To-Do list”.

We spent three sunny days in Holmenkollen which we will never forget. The Norwegian fans really cared for us Swedish people since we did not win any gold medal during those days. After the competitions we attended an After-Ski event outside the arena enjoying the views of entire Oslo. The fans were singing and dancing together in the sunset, those were marvellous days and nights in Holmenkollen! In one of the evenings I forgot my Swedish flag in a bar, but this time we didn’t start any detective work the following day …

I asked my Norwegian friend Mari to let us share some of her Oslo tip-offs:

Oslo – the place to eat.
The Norwegian capital – Oslo. The winter is drifting away as the sun is making the grand entrance to greet the new season. On each corner you can see small cafés, bars, bistros and restaurants serving sun-starved Norwegians their first “ute pils” – beer enjoyed outdoors. But Oslo got so much more to offer when it comes to indulgement for the pallet than the beer. If you are one of those beer thirsty hounds – who really want a good experience when it comes to beer, I would recommend Schouskjelleren Microbrewery – it is a nice little brewery where you can have a wide selection of beer.  Absolutely worth a visit!
When it comes to eating, I want to give you a quick tour around our capital, let you get a few tips and hints. There are many good gems to dig in some hefty soul food from dusk to dawn around here. Is there a better way to start the day, than a proper American breakfast? To do so, you should go to one of the hippest areas in town called Grunerløkka. It is here you will find the American diner called Night Hawk Diner. It is like taking a glance of the golden 50`s, jukeboxes, sassy waitresses, tin roof and barstools – and please order a tall stack of pancakes and Norway’s answer to a five-dollar-milkshake on the side. True American style! You should make a reservation a week in advance I would reckon, because this is a popular place.
So after some strolling around the opera, the royal castle and the pier at Aker Brygge I suggest you straighten your shirt and visit the Teatercafeen for a classy lunch in historical Art Nouveau surroundings. This makes a sever contrast from the all American breakfast. Here you could order some traditional fine lunch, tea, or a glass of Champagne while you look at the people passing by, or all of the portraits on the walls- old singers, actors and writers mostly Norwegian.
When you first find yourself in Oslo – I would absolutely recommend to have a walk at Akershus fortress, this is actually a castle from the middle ages. Some of our kings and queens are buried here – and also a guided tour is quite fascinating if you are in to history. After a few hours, dinner is perhaps on your mind at this point. You do not have to walk far for my next recommendation – there is a nice restaurant at the fortress called Festningen Restaurant. It is rather on the finer side, but it is not a require to have a jacket. But the food here is just as amazing as the view and surroundings. The food is classical continental – and you have a good sight in to the kitchen, so you might be amused or impressed by their clean work. You should make a reservation.
To finish off a wonderful food-bonanza like this, there is nothing better than to taste a few fancy drinks – and I know where to get your thirst covered. A good walk up to Grunerløkka, through all of those hipsters-vibes of vintage fashion, small bars and bistros you visited earlier, you will find Bar Boca. The interior is authentic 1950`s and the cocktails are fantastic – so is the music and atmosphere. Make sure to order a bloody Mary – because this is the best one I ever had.
I hope you will enjoy our humble capital. Eat, drink, live in the moment and enjoy life! /Mari

Have a good time! / Lengan :)

Popular hotels to book in Oslo:

Best Western Karl Johan Hotel
Situated on Oslo’s main street, Karl Johan, in between the Royal Palace and the Parliament in a building that dates back to 1899.

Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel
With 37 floors and breathtaking views of Oslo and the Oslo Fjord.

Anker Hotel
Centrally located in Oslo, between Karl Johan and cafes, restaurants and bars in Grünerløkka.

Best Western Oslo Airport
Sometimes it can be necessary to stay over night at the airport. The hotel is situated 3 km from Gardermoen Airport and have regular shuttle bus service to and from the airport.

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