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Popular hotels in Baku

Premier Hotel to book in Baku
Premier Hotel
Located in quiet area about 5 km from the centre.
Hyatt Regency Baku to book in Baku
Hyatt Regency Baku
This hotel is in a great location in the centre of Baku with views across the Izmir Park. It’s considered to be the best hotel in Baku.
Guest recommends: 100%
Park Inn Hotel to book in Baku
Park Inn Hotel
Located about 800 m from the train station and 1 km from the Old City.
Qavqaz City Hotel to book in Baku
Qavqaz City Hotel
Located 6.5 km from the Maiden Tower, 7 km from the Shirvanshah Palace and 8.5 km from Baku center.
Riviera Hotel to book in Baku
Riviera Hotel
Located about 2 km from Old City.

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