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What is ZleepAdvisor?

ZleepAdvisor is created for you as a guest, and you are the user. It’s you, as our guest, relating and evaluating how you experienced our accommodations and services. And it’s you studying the experiences and opinions other people share with you via ZleepAdvisor.

Reviews with quality assurance

In order to maximize quality and give the reviews a guaranteed value, it is necessary that the reviewer indicates a booking number from a realized booking. This is so that only people with experience of the hotel in question are able to share their impressions from a real stay at the destination.

How do I write a review?

By sharing your experiences with others, you give them an opportunity to learn what characterizes various accommodations around the world, in the same way as other peoples’ reviews help you to choose exactly that hotel which is most suitable for you during your stay at a destination.

When you write a review about your accommodation experiences in ZleepAdvisor, you can choose a grade from 1 to 6, 6 being the highest grade. The results show both how many people have graded the hotel and what the present average grade is.

A review in ZleepAdvisor will never be deleted from the data base, but it will only be accessible in the system for 24 months. This is to keep the information as updated as possible.

Go straight to ZleepAdvisor and write your first review.
Simply use your booking number from the actual stay and start writing.

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