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Book a hotel in Agadir

Book a hotel in Agadir

Popular hotels in Agadir

Palais des Roses to book in Agadir
Palais des Roses
Located on the beach in the bay of Agadir, 3,5 km away from the city centre.
Guest recommends: 100%
Al Moggar Garden Beach to book in Agadir
Al Moggar Garden Beach
Beachfront hotel located in the centre of the coastal city of Agadir, overlooking the bay and the promenade with its restaurants and cafes.
Guest recommends: 100%
Caribbean Village Agador to book in Agadir
Caribbean Village Agador
Hotel located in the coastal resort centre of Agadir, close to the beach and within walking distance to bars, restaurants, shops and local souks.
Blue Sea Le Tivoli (ex Le Tivoli) to book in Agadir
Blue Sea Le Tivoli (ex Le Tivoli)
Located on a hill, 15 minute walk from Agadir centre and 250 metres from the beach
Guest recommends: 100%
Sofitel Agadir Royal Bay to book in Agadir
Sofitel Agadir Royal Bay
Sofitel Agadir is located on the beach, 1km from Tamazert, 2km from Oued Souss golf course and 4km from La Mosque.

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